Boston RPH

A blog about a full of life canadian warmblood and his
work in training, at shows and at home

Boston's Entourage


Susanne is Boston's owner and she has owned him since he was 3 years old. With guidance she brought him along from an unbroke 3 year old to a successful hunter, with the goal of performance hunters in the future. He has competed successfully at venues such as Thunderbird, Milner Downs, and on the HITS Arizona Winter Circuit. He has a huge personality, which is a blessing and a curse, but I am so proud of how he is growing up.We take regular lessons with Jay Duke and Jan Jollymour. We also take in house lessons at Rosenol Performance Horses. When not riding Boston, Susanne's other hobby is Fitness and she will be competing October 2016 in the Bikini division.


Megan owns lovely draft/warmblood gelding named Prairie Kid (unregistered Spanish Norman). She enjoys riding just for fun. She participates in clinics, but mostly spends her time riding with Susanne hacking and jumping. In 2015 she and her horse was champion in a beginner jumper division, reserve champion in beginner poles and xrails, as well as placed 1st in his hack classes at one of the schooling shows leading to the overall English hack horse.


Linda is the horse show mom, who works behind the scenes to make our showing experience enjoyable. She helps us with last minute grooming, holding items and keeping everyone calm/relaxed. She is an essential part of our group. She comes with me to all the shows, and is my hotel mate. 


Dad has recently been coming to more horse shows now that Boston is showing at a higher level, he helps with carrying items, holding tack and feeding the horses. He doesn't always come to shows, but when he does he is a strong steady presence even through the occasional chaos, and helps out quite a bit. He never thought he'd have a horse crazy family.  

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